Puig 3727W Review for Yamaha Tenere 700

The Puig 3727W Touring Screen was developed with a promise to improve wind protection when compared to the stock Tenere 700 windshield. 

The stock windshield is 270 mm tall and the Puig 3727W windshield adds an additional 80 mm in height. It is also 70 mm wider compared to the stock windshield at a chest height level.

Puig 3727W

Puig 3727W windshield for Yamaha Tenere 700


✅ Moves ongoing airflow over the helmet for the average height (175 cm) rider.

✅ 80 mm taller and 70mm wider compared to the stock windshield (better for shoulder protection)

✅ Affordable Price


May interfere with aftermarket handguards on full lock turns

Does NOT have a bottom air relief (possible wind buffeting for tall individuals)

Puig 3727W Touring Screen Detailed Review

Wind Protection

Helmet Area: This windshield works well for a person with a height of up to 180 cm. If you are taller – wind flow might hit your helmet in the forehead area. If that is the case consider using an additional wind deflector on top of the screen. Some users reported additional wind buffeting in the helmet area and decided to get back to the stock windshield. However, this happened mostly to taller than average individuals (180+cm).

Shoulder Area: The Puig 3727W is 70 mm wider compared to the stock windshield in the torso area offering better wind protection for the torso and shoulders. 

Puig 3727W Specs

  • Dimansions:(HEIGHT X WIDTH): 415 X 310 MM
  • Material Used: HIGH-IMPACT ACRYLIC
Tenere 700 windshields

Wind Buffeting

People with a height over 190 cm reported wind buffeting in the helmet area. Adding an additional Wind Deflector on top will provide additional adjustability and act as wind flow calmer reducing wind turbulence.

Wind Noise

Users reported reduced wind noise at the highway speed (60-75 mph, 90-120 km/h). 

Listening to music and talking via intercom is significantly better at higher speeds compared to a stock screen for people up to 180 cm tall.

Visual Appearance

Looks are subjective yet we do like how Puig fits the overall design of Yamaha Tenere 700. There are no awkward parts sticking far beyond bike dimensions and the windshield blends into Tenere 700 as if it is a stock part.

Line of Sight Disruption

Puig 3727W does not interfere with the line of sight if you are 170 cm or taller. 


This windshield is a one-piece that mounts the same way as a stock windshield and no adjustment is possible. Adding a wind deflector at the top will allow some adjustability. 

Another option is to add windshield adjustment Brackets that allow the windshield to slide up for an additional 90mm.

Bottom Air Relief

Puig 3727W does NOT have bottom air relief. Adding windshield adjustment Brackets will add the bottom air relief effect by raising the windshield and adding the gap at the bottom.

The stock windshield has a cut out at the bottom of the screen allowing some of the ongoing airflow to go through this gap. This is done to avoid a low-pressure zone (vacuum) forming right behind the windscreen at higher speeds. This “vacuum” sucks the air travelling above and around the windshield inside creating turbulence (wind buffeting).


Things to consider before buying a windshield

Your Height

Ideally, the windshield top border should end at a height between the nose and lips. This way it does not interfere with your sight while still providing over the helmet airflow.

If you are taller than 180 cm, consider using an additional wind deflector to raise wind flow above your helmet. 

Should I Buy a Tinted or Clear Windshield?

The taller the windshield is – the larger area of the road ahead is covered by it. A tinted windshield does look better on most bikes; however clear windshield is a much better choice in terms of safety, especially if you ride at night.

Our advice is to go with a clear windshield whenever you expect to get decent wind protection in the helmet area since the windshield needs to be relatively tall to provide it. 

The same applies to the wind deflectors – always choose the clear wind deflector since it will be mounted at the top of your windshield.

Aerodynamics of Your Helmet

If your helmet has a peak (used in off-road or adventure type helmets) – it may affect wind buffeting when the airflow from the windshield is hitting the forehead area of your helmet. 


Puig 3727W touring screen does offer a substantial improvement in wind protection over the stock windshield while blending into the Tenere 700 design.

Additional accessories may be used to further improve wind flow in the helmet area and provide additional adjustments for your personal preferences.

Take note that Puig is wider compared to the stock screen. Aftermarket handguards may hit the sides of the screen on full lock turns.

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