5 Best Windshields for Honda CB500X | 2022 Guide

Honda CB500X has a decent windshield in stock, however, it is sending a wind blast directly into the helmet visor for the average height person (175cm) in the lower position. The windshield itself may be adjusted with a tool to the higher position (+ 3cm); however, it is still not enough to send an ongoing wind blast over the helmet. 

We have researched Honda CB500X aerodynamics and discovered 5 possible aftermarket solutions. Long story short – consider an adjustable Windshield deflector and attach it to the stock windshield if you are of average height. Go for the GIVI Windscreen (D1171ST) if you are 190 cm or taller. Both solutions will reduce wind buffeting and wind noise in the helmet resulting in a more comfortable ride.

Best For 170cm-180cm Tall Riders
(Stock Windshield + Wind Deflector)

Givi wind defelctor

Best For 190cm – Tall Riders
(GIVI D1171ST)


Best For the Money
(Lorababer Windscreen)

lorabober windscreen cb500x 2022

5 Aftermarket Windshield Solutions For Honda CB500X

Puig Touring Windscreen – Best Looking

Puig Touring Windscreen Honda CB500X 2022

Puig Touring Windscreen fits Honda CB500X 2016-2022 model years. A windscreen is designed specifically for Honda CB500X and fits stock mounting points. This Windshield is higher than stock and is designed in the virtual aerodynamic tunnel. The windshield form is designed to direct air to the sides away from the helmet area. 

However, Puig Touring Windscreen does not have bottom air release resulting in a higher wind buffeting risk in the helmet area. If you experience wind buffeting with Puig Touring Windscreen – consider adding an additional Wind deflector at the top. It helps to calm downwind flow at higher speeds by separating wind blast into two separate flows one under another.

Dimensions (height x width): 34.5cm X 32.5cm
Virtual Windtunnel Testing: Yes
Bottom Air Release: No 
Material: Acrylic 
Thickness: 3mm
Colour: 4 colour options (Clear, Smoke, Dark Smoke, Black)
Adjustability: No

Lorababer Windscreen – Best for the Money

Lorababer Windscreen fits Honda CB500X 2016-2022 model years. Cheap aftermarket screen. Some users reported scratches near edges and cracks on the edges of mounting bolt holes. If you decide to go with this screen make sure to inspect it carefully before mounting. 

Lorababer windshield is made of polycarbonate that is supposed to be 10 times stronger compared to acrylic. However, polycarbonate withstands vibrations worse than acrylic making it not an ideal fit for Honda CB500X due to its buzzy engine nature.

Dimensions (height x width): 52.5cm X 32cm
Virtual Windtunnel Testing: Not Tested
Bottom Air Release: No 
Material: Polycarbonate
Thickness: 4mm
Colour: 2 colour options (Clear, Light Smoke)
Adjustability: No

GIVI Windscreen – D1171S – Not Recommended

Givi D1171S is just 3 cm taller compared to stock. We do not recommend this windscreen unless your stock windshield is broken and you want to find an aftermarket windscreen that is as close to stock windshield size as possible.

Dimensions (height x width): 46cm X 45cm
Virtual Windtunnel Testing: Not Tested
Bottom Air Release: No 
Material: Plexiglas
Thickness: 3mm
Colour: Smoked
Adjustability: No

GIVI Windscreen (D1171ST) – Best for Tall Individuals

Givi D1171ST is a longer version of D1171S and is 17 cm taller compared to stock. This windshield is recommended for individuals 190cm tall. For someone of average height, Givi will interfere with line of sight making riding unsafe.

Dimensions (height x width): 58cm X 45cm
Virtual Windtunnel Testing: Not Tested
Bottom Air Release: No 
Material: Plexiglas
Thickness: 3mm
Colour: Clear
Adjustability: No

Stock Windshield + GIVI Wind Deflector (S180T) – Best for Riders up to 180cm Tall

The stock windshield has a decent height and width to provide decent wind coverage for your body. If you feel that you need just a little bit higher windshield – consider adding a wind deflector that mounts on top of the stock windshield. 

Givi Wind Deflector is adjustable in height and tilt. Ideally, try to set up its height so that the upper Wind Deflector edge is between your lips and nose. In this case, ongoing Wind should be pushed above your helmet, while not interfering with the line of sight. 

Dimensions (height x width): 43cm +  Wind Deflector Height (+9cm)
Virtual Windtunnel Testing: Not Tested
Bottom Air Release: Yes (Stock Windshield has cutouts to prevent a vacuum forming behind windscreen) 
Thickness: 4mm
Colour: Clear or Tinted (We recommend choosing a Clear Wind deflector)
Adjustability: Yes

Things to Consider before choosing a Windshield for Honda CB500X 2022

Wind Buffeting (Turbulence)

Wind Buffeting is created when ongoing wind travelling around the edges of the windscreen gets sucked inside into the behind-windshield area. This effect occurs when there is a low-pressure zone (vacuum) forming behind the windscreen. To prevent this – manufacturers add cutouts on the lower side of the windshield allowing part of ongoing air to travel through these gaps and fill in the low-pressure zone. Look for such gaps when choosing a windshield to choose a good windshield. 

Windshield Height and width

The windshield should be high enough to provide over the helmet wind flow. However, you can not simply install a higher windshield and call it a day. Air will search for the shortest way to travel around an object due to physics. So the taller windshield should compensate by either being wider or having a complicated form developed in a wind tunnel. 

Ideal windshield height is considered when a windshield’s top edge is between your lips and nose. In this case, the windshield will not disrupt your line of sight while providing over-the-helmet wind coverage.

With Honda CB500X stock windshield is 43cm tall. It provides good coverage for a person up to 165 cm tall. If you are 165-180 cm tall, consider adding a Wind deflector on top of the stock windshield. For individuals taller than 180 cm consider replacing the stock windshield with GIVI Windscreen (D1171ST).

Windshield Transparency

We always recommend choosing a clear windshield for a better road view since a tinted or black windshield blocks the lower part of the road. The better wind protections you are trying to achieve – the bigger windshield you are likely to buy. As a result, the bigger part of the road will be blocked by choosing a less transparent windshield. 

Tinted windshields are good for looks. Choose tinted windshield only if it is on a smaller side and not designed to provide wind protection in the helmet area.

Visual Appearance

Do not discount visual appearance when choosing a windshield. An extremely large windshield sometimes makes the motorcycle look dorky while a smaller windshield usually gives the motorcycle a more sporty and cool look. Ideally, windshields should combine both good aerodynamics and wind protection while adding to your bike’s visual appearance. Go for as small windshield as necessary to provide over-the-helmet wind coverage.

Height Adjustability

Honda CB500X stock windshield is adjustable by 3 cm through windshield mounting bracket movement to lower or upper positions. You will need a 6mm alan screw to adjust the windshield. Any aftermarket windshield that replaces the stock windshield will have the same adjustability as long as it is installed to the same mounting points.


We recommend sticking to the original Windshield for someone 165 cm tall.

If you are 175cm – consider getting an adjustable Givi Wind Deflector and installing it on top of the original windshield.

If you are 185cm or taller – we recommend replacing the original windshield with Givi D1171ST and if that is not enough – add a Givi Wind deflector on top.

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